[Bug 209520] Re: SMB error: Unable to mount location when server configured with security=share

gregphil gregphil at comcast.net
Fri Sep 5 05:41:45 BST 2008

I also experience the ubuntu 8.04.1 inability to display shares from WindowsXp boxes , but it displays shares from CentOS 5.2 boxes just fine.  On a parallel install (on another disk) of kubuntu 8.04.1 with Samba and all the other setting as identical as I can make them, the GUI browsing works in the KDU app Konquorer. HOWEVER to make this work I had to fix the /etc/hosts files.  The "new format" DOES NOT WORK, even with smbtree or smbclient.  It is necessary to add the NetBios name aliases to the line, the entry on the line is not seen or not understood.  For example I use localhost LIVING-ROOM LIVING-ROOM.MYGROUP LIVING-ROOM.MYGROUP

Back in the ubuntu 8.04.1 install, the GUI browsing fails, but smbclient
or smbtree can report all the shares.  I am using the default encrypted
passwords and security = user.  The gnome nautilus network file browser
(ver 2.22.3) will show the computers with shares on the network, but
clicking on a Windows machine icon does NOT show the shares.  If I
switch the nautilus "Location" dialog to text, and append a valid share
name to the computer name, such as smb://laptop/C, then a full
successful mount is made and I can see and use the shared files.  Once
mounted, if I unmount and try again to click on a Windows machine icon
it still fails to mount.

I think I have tried every possible combination of smb.conf auth entries
(ntlmv2 auth = etc).  It is really broken.  Please fix........

SMB error: Unable to mount location when server configured with security=share
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