[Bug 180493] Re: [SRU] nmbd shuts down when network disconnected

Troy C troxor at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 17:43:40 BST 2008

The machine that originally experienced this bug has since been upgraded
to Intrepid.

However, upon testing both the stable and -proposed samba packages on
different machines with both wired and wireless interfaces, nmbd didn't
shut down. Instead, all 4 times the logs showed the message "No subnets
to listen to. Waiting.." before eventually announcing "... master
browser for workgroup ...".

Tested: samba_3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.4 from hardy stable and samba_3.0.28a-
1ubuntu4.5 from hardy-proposed. These were on fresh samba installations
(no prior smb.conf edits)

Testing Process: 
1. install samba normally.
2. Disconnect network, monitor log until "Waiting.." message occurs.
3. Reconnect network, monitor log until "master browser" message occurs.
4. Enable hardy-proposed, update samba, samba-common.
5. repeat step 2 and 3

Everything seems OK, Thanks!

[SRU] nmbd shuts down when network disconnected
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