[Bug 257667] Re: wrong permissions to access ldapi

Javier Uruen Val juruen at warp.es
Mon Sep 1 20:48:35 BST 2008

Hi Mathias,

Thanks for taking care of this.

Yes, /var/run is recreated every time the system is booted, but that's
fine because /etc/init.d/slapd does the work ok:

    # Make sure the pidfile directory exists with correct permissions
    piddir=`dirname "$SLAPD_PIDFILE"`
    if [ ! -d "$piddir" ]; then
            mkdir -p "$piddir"
            [ -z "$SLAPD_USER" ] || chown -R "$SLAPD_USER" "$piddir"
            [ -z "$SLAPD_GROUP" ] || chgrp -R "$SLAPD_GROUP" "$piddir"

So as there's no umask the permissions for $piddir will be fine.

The issue comes up between the first time the package is installed and
the first boot. That's what my debdiff tries to address.

wrong permissions to access ldapi
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