[Bug 291070] [NEW] snmp crash at bootup

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Thu Oct 30 12:33:29 GMT 2008

Public bug reported:

Ubuntu Hardy amd64 with all patches.

Sometimes when snmpd starts it dies with:

[  374.996791] snmpd[8897] trap divide error rip:7ffd4be9dc2c
rsp:7fff54832550 error:0

Other times it is:
[5631127.259786] snmpd[27035]: segfault at 7f5160145000 ip 7f51600ded00 sp 7fff68d3d2d8 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f51600b4000+91000]
[5631275.353511] snmpd[28154]: segfault at 7f194383e000 ip 7f19437d7d00 sp 7fff4c435a88 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f19437ad000+91000]
[5631416.563465] snmpd[28931]: segfault at 7f5495451000 ip 7f54953ead00 sp 7fff9e048698 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f54953c0000+91000]
[5631501.448326] snmpd[29144]: segfault at 7f2b6fa6b000 ip 7f2b6fa04d00 sp 7fff78662728 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f2b6f9da000+91000]
[5631587.790769] snmpd[29770]: segfault at 7f19565b5000 ip 7f195654ed00 sp 7fff5f1ae818 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f1956524000+91000]
[5634535.721029] snmpd[5779]: segfault at 7fde3d4c0000 ip 7fde3d459d00 sp 7fff460b7728 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7fde3d42f000+91000]
[5646356.761825] snmpd[2423]: segfault at 7fdd5769a000 ip 7fdd57633d00 sp 7fff602918f8 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7fdd57609000+91000]
[5646839.929888] snmpd[3663]: segfault at 7f39ca774000 ip 7f39ca70dd00 sp 7fffd336d718 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f39ca6e3000+91000]
[5650509.728074] snmpd[14482]: segfault at 816000 ip 7f550e2acd00 sp 7fff16f0b578 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f550e282000+91000]
[5701859.034895] snmpd[18370]: segfault at 814000 ip 7f84ace5cd00 sp 7fffb5abd128 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f84ace32000+91000]
[5736108.873400] snmpd[13268]: segfault at 812000 ip 7f25d8918d00 sp 7fffe1577588 error 4 in libnetsnmp.so.15.1.0[7f25d88ee000+91000]

Running it a second time may bring it up.

** Affects: net-snmp (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

snmp crash at bootup
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