[Bug 290747] Re: Intrepid X11 Forwarding Process Not Obvious to Enable

Ben pumrum at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 18:01:02 GMT 2008


Thank you for the reply. I'm using Hardy/Intrepid as the guest, not the
host. So the scenario is you open a terminal on the Intrepid machine,
run 'ssh -X user at host' on the Intrepid machine, where 'host' is another
Unix server (in my case Solaris 10).

What I originally thought was a bug or deprecation of behavior is
actually a setting that's buried in the Login Window security settings.
By default, on a new installation, Hardy and Intrepid have the "Deny TCP
connections to Xserver" setting checked. This prevents X11 programs on a
foreign Unix host from appearing on your Ubuntu guest.

The only reason I didn't ask to have this closed is after extensive
googling, it is not obvious that this is the setting required to allow
X11 sessions to be passed in to the Ubuntu guest. Once you unhceck this
option, everything works as expected. I'm just hoping that documentation
is updated (even if it is just people finding this bug report) that
makes this setting more visible.

I have also posted the steps on a related forum post here:


thanks again!

Intrepid X11 Forwarding Process Not Obvious to Enable
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