[Bug 289470] Re: open-iscsi user-space does not match kernel module version

Dustin Kirkland dustin.kirkland at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 23:46:18 GMT 2008

Mathias, et al-

I've spent the entire day on this issue.

As Thierry has identified, most of Debian's diff.gz is undoing something
they should not have done, and arbitrarily inflates the tarball.

Per discussion with Soren, I have taken the 870-rc3 tarball directly
from open-iscsi's website, and added Ubuntu's 865 diff.gz to it.  A
couple of minor build tweaks, and I have built the package.

With Etienne's help, we've regression tested as best as we could.  And
I've verified that "iscsiadm -m session" works:

    ubuntu at intrepid-iscsi-initiator:~/dustin$ iscsiadm -m session
    tcp: [1],1 iqn.2008-10.com.canonical.montreal.intrepid-iscsi-target:nas0.sdb

The current state of my work is in my PPA.

I've discussed this a bit with slangasek in #ubuntu-devel.  He, like
Soren and I, are not terribly comfortable with uploading a completely
new version of open-iscsi 2 days before final GA of Intrepid.

But you're at the Release Sprint in London.  Hopefully you discuss the
issue and the fix with the other developers there.    You can take this
work and decide what the appropriate response is, upload or deferral for


** Changed in: open-iscsi (Ubuntu Intrepid)
     Assignee: Dustin Kirkland (kirkland) => Mathias Gug (mathiaz)

open-iscsi user-space does not match kernel module version
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