[Bug 288478] Re: Ownership of /etc/sasl2db precludes direct access by Cyrus IMAP

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Fri Oct 24 08:59:58 BST 2008


Im not sure that will help as the permissions of the installed sasldb
are root.root with no acl on it.

Perhaps the issue is two-fold, the cyrus-common-2.2 install (which I
think creates the user) should include the sasl group permission for the
cyrus user, and cyrus-sasl2 should correct the group access on the
/etc/sasldb2 file to be root.sasl ?

Is it expected that all access will go through saslauthd? I used to run
this but changed to having the imap service access the sasldb directly
which saves memory etc as there is no need for me to run the saslauthd
service at all.

Or does this come under one of those cross-package configuration issues
that are basically resolved by hand?


Scott Kitterman wrote:
> Adding cyrus to the sasl group should also solve it.  I don't think this
> is an actual bug in cyrus-sasl2.

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Ownership of /etc/sasl2db precludes direct access by Cyrus IMAP
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