[Bug 185729] Re: nautilus is unable to copy folders from samba

Henk hi.hoek at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 14:17:03 BST 2008

The solution from ewmcnee works for me to! Hardy, Conceptronic NAS.
Thanks, just add the correct entry in /etc/fstab

" My solution has been to permanently mount the NAS volume by editing
the /etc/fstab file. With it mounted, even Nautilus doesn't have
problems any more moving files or complete folders.

In my case, the NAS volume is // and I have
mounted it at /media/backup. The line I added to fstab is this:

// /media/backup cifs guest,uid=1000 0 0

Now if I browse /media/backup with Nautilus... bingo! I can properly
manipulate all the files and folders again.

Hope this helps."

nautilus is unable to copy folders from samba
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