[Bug 45842] Re: nfs shares not mounted at startup

Alessandro Morgantini gpz500 at technologist.com
Thu Oct 23 13:02:51 BST 2008

Hi all!
I've just noticed that, if in the /etc/fstab file the server is inserted in the form 'servername.local' (mDNS name), the NFS volume isn't mounted at boot time. If, after the boot, I do "sudo mount -a" is ok: obviously the avahi-daemon is not ready yet at boot time.

But the weird thing is that if I configure my network interface eth0 in
Roaming mode, so is NetworkManager that manages it, everything is OK at
the boot time also, as expected!

I'm in the situation that I can't use NetworkManager, because I must set
up some special routing rules and, simultaneously, I would like to use
the .local name, because in my LAN there isn't any DNS server and, also,
I can't use fixed IP addresses for the PCs.

Someone has any idea?

nfs shares not mounted at startup
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