[Bug 227848] Re: boot order wrong for iscsi

Roberto Pereira da Rosa roberto.rosa at ufrgs.br
Tue Oct 7 17:51:52 BST 2008

I did the same as Christian Roessner, above: moved the open-iscsi link
from S25 to S42 in rcS.d. This is the preferred method, as - he also
pointed out - change the network order it's NOT a good idea.

Also, like Etienne Goyer stated, if you are using an "ordinary"
interface (ethX), udev may load things in the right order. I'm using a
bridged interface (br0) and so udev doesn't bring it up, making
necessary the change above. Maybe that's the case with bonded interfaces
as well.

But, in my opinion, it doesn't matter if one is using ordinary
interfaces or not - open-iscsi MUST be started AFTER networking, since
it depends on the network to do its job. It's a matter of logic....

So, the open-iscsi installation script should be changed to reflect the
solutions found here - change its number from S25 to something above

boot order wrong for iscsi
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