[Bug 282298] Re: Intrepid Beta: No Access to NAS samba share any more.

oombas oombas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 20:55:49 GMT 2008

Very glad to have found this thread.
Just upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 the other day, for the sake of creating a bootable USB stick.
My NAS, a Buffalo Terastation is there, no filenames.
I then mounted my drive with the earlier mentioned method and found the last character in the filenames missing.

bas at bas-desktop:~$ gvfs-mount smb://hd-htgl947/terastation
bas at bas-desktop:~$ smbclient -N //
Domain=[MYNAS] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.8a-ja-1.1]
smb: \> ls
                                      D        0  Mon Nov 10 17:00:12 2008
  .                                   D        0  Mon Oct 30 16:52:55 2006
  11se                                D        0  Fri May 30 16:30:59 2008
  vmdisk                              D        0  Fri Jul 18 14:47:59 2008
  appl                                D        0  Mon Oct 30 17:12:21 2006
  armada_v30                          D        0  Thu Dec 20 23:50:57 2007
  audi                                D        0  Sat Jul 19 13:49:40 2008

(11se should be 11sep, etc.)

What I could do however, was using OpenOffice.org and edit and save 'recent documents' on my NAS, without problems.
Recompiled my VMware 6.5 and in my Windows VM's, everything works fine, including my networkdrive.
Could not open my RedHat 7.3 VM because of a 'serious error because of  a  retrieved NFS file handle'.
Will look afterwards into this.
So I decided to just wait for the Samba bugfix.
A bit sad to say that creating the 8.10 bootable USB stick failed, creating looked good and the logo appears, but it won't boot.
In this case, upgrading feels a bit like downgrading.
Thanks for all the useful hints.

Intrepid Beta: No Access to NAS samba share any more.
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