[Bug 162167] Re: mySQL password asks only once

Mathias Gug mathiaz at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 25 19:24:27 GMT 2008

Thanks for you debdiffs.

Your drops the debconf priority to medium, instead of high, resulting in
a default install that doesn't prompt for a password during

You've also tried to fix a non-existing issue in your last debdiff:
/etc/init.d/mysql stop does the right thing even if mysqld is not
running. Thus the comment raised in the debian-devel mail doesn't apply
to mysql-dfsg. Please check if the issue applies to the package before
fixing it.

Could you also not include all the translations in your debdiff ? These
are automatically generated by the clean target and should be removed
from the submitted debdiff to help the review. Look at the filterdiff
command to help in that regard.

Otherwise the debconf code looks good and works. However adding a new
string in the template means that we'll have to notify translators about

mySQL password asks only once
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