[Bug 201484] Re: ffe for likewise-open 4.0.4 to 4.0.5

Rick Clark rick.clark at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 12 17:59:46 GMT 2008

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: likewise-open
  I would like to ask for a feature freeeze exception to upgrade likewise-
- open from 4.0.4 to 4.0.5. I have attached the changelog below, diffstat,
- and diff to follow shortly.
+ open from 4.0.4 to 4.0.5. I have attached the changelog, diffstat, and
+ diff.
-       Update Debian changelog for new release.
+ This version adds improved error messages, necessary for useful
+ debugging.  It builds and installs cleanly and is not a dependency for
+ any other package
+      Update Debian changelog for new release.
        Fix the prefix path in Debian init script (moved from /opt/likewise-open to /usr)
        Update Fedora/RHEL specfile for 4.0.4 changes.
        Adding missing scripts to the Debian likewise-open package
        Update script name when invoking ConfigureShellPrompt from ConfigureLogin
        [Debian] Install support scripts to /usr/lib/likewise-open
        Remove file extension from call to gpcron (fixes a domain join failure
        Move the domainjoin-gtk.glade file to $(sharedir)/likewise-open/
        -Tagging new winbindd merge from upstream
        Marking latest winbindd merge
        Update SUSE packaging for release.
        Reset RPM release number for Fedora/RHEL in preparation for 4.0.4 release.
        Script cleanup from Rick Clark @ ubuntu.com.
        Ubuntu packaging fixes from Rick Clark @ Ubuntu.com
        Mark the winbindd soname fixes and add note to Ubuntu changelog.
        Fix inverted logic when checking the "modify hosts" check box in domainjoin-gui.
        Marking test branch as version 4.0.5.
        Add changelog for debian packaging for 4.0.5 test release.
        Mark the smbcontrol bug fix in winbindd code.
        Check for /etc/init.d/apparmor when reloading updating apparmor profile.
        Remove 15 character limit check when validating the local hostname
        Fixup ConfigureAppArmor to be a no-op on Ubuntu and Debian.
        Revert "Remove 15 character limit check when validating the local hostname"
        Merge better ifcfg detection code to FixNetworkInterfaces().
        Mark idmap_lwopen segv fix
        Mark winbindd version change
        Changing winbindd path to match Samba name space
        Removed use of submodule for Samba code
        Importing Likewise Open 4.0.5-test1 release from SVN r21462
        RedHat packaging fixes for 4.0.5 code base.
        Set package version to 1.test3 for Fedora and openSUSE.
        Syncing from SVN r21616 from Likewise SVN tree.
        Remove CenterisPam.pm from packaging files on Ubuntu/Debian and Fedora/RHEL.
        More updates for Debian/Ubuntu packaging to reflect the removal of CenterisPam.pm
        Pickup build fixes for likewise-open from SVN r21653.
        Fixes for Fedora/RHEL specfile.
        Set RPM release info to 1.test4
        Grab fixes from SVN r21662.  Includes removal of krb5 checks
        Fedora/RHEL packaging updates to automatically disable build of GUI
        Fix typo in --with-libxml2-dir when build domainjoin in Fedora specfile.
        Add new changelog entry for 4.0.5-test4 to Ubuntu packaging
        Enable copying from skel directory when creating a new home directory.
        Set home directory template path to /home/%D/%U rather than /local
        Cleanup Debian rules for fixes to the centutils lib directory in Makefile
        Sync from Likewise SVN tree r22180
        Fixing installation of pam_lwidentity
        Another sync from Likewise SVN tree.
        Consolidate to a single build-rpm script that takes the distro names as its arguement.
        RPM packaging fixes for openSUSE 10.3 and likewise-open 4.0.5 release.
        Move the packaging/fedora directory to redhat.
        Remove bad merge line from GUI gtk xml file
        More path fixes for openSUSE RPM specfile
        Update top level Makefile to reflect changes in rpm packaging scripts
        Fix another bad merge in the GTK XML file for domainjoin GUI
        Update packaging release number for final 4.0.5 release

** Changed in: likewise-open (Ubuntu)
   Importance: Undecided => High
       Target: None => ubuntu-8.04-beta

ffe for likewise-open 4.0.4 to 4.0.5 
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