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Todd wthanna at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 19 20:35:03 BST 2008

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2006-12+21 khaeru: might this be handled by the ubuntu-server-tasks spec?
21/12/2006 - I think we should pick an existing suite, i.e. hula and then create the ubiquitous middleware to achieve what we want

13/07/2007 (stephan-impilinux) - We have recently evaluated a load of
these solutions and have some professional experience in it.

2008-06-07 (pixelpapst) - Just a quick reminder that the hula project
ist effectively dead since late 2006, and the community created a fork
called "bongo project". However, by now they ripped out all of Hula's
LDAP connectivity, which makes this a very pretty but useless solution
for SmallBusinessServer.

2008-06-08  (Guy Van Sanden) Citadel seems a very good choice.  IT offers many features (including a Jabber server) and is completely GPL'ed.
The only caveat is that it does not have LDAP support (yet)

2008-06-19 (Art Cancro) -- yes, definitely go with Citadel.  Ubuntu
packages are already being maintained, and the project would be
delighted to cooperate with the Ubuntu team on integration issues.

2008-06-19 (Todd Hanna) I would also like to give a big +1 to Citadel.
They already have the .debs and there is even a connector to use it as
an "Exchange" replacement if you have clients using Outlook.  I have run
it without issue on Ubuntu server since version 6.06.  It's head and
shoulders above the rest at the moment.

  Groupware Server

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