[Bug 240519] Re: sybase_* functions missing in php5-sybase for hardy

Ondřej Surý ondrej at sury.org
Wed Jun 18 18:56:45 BST 2008


> That doc clearly says that the mssql_* functions are the aliases. How
> can you leave in the alias functions and remove the masters? I don't
> even understand how that's possible, much less desirable.

This document is wrong. Feel free to report bug at php. It's true for
sybase_ct extension, but not for mssql based function. Anyway I thought that
Steve aliased sybase_* to mssql_* when he made this transition in Debian. I
wonder why he hasn't do it.

> I've counted on Ubuntu packages for years, but if the directive is to
> now treat complete feature removal with so little care or oversight,
> then I'll have to look elsewhere for my server platforms.

Please don't be hysterical. Attached patch should do the trick. For now you
can just download php sources, go to ext/mssql, apply patch, install
php5-dev, run phpize && configure && make && make install. Full recompile of
php is not neccessary.

BIG WARNING: I didn't test the patch. Use at own risk, I don't even now if
it compiles (it should, but who knows).

Ondřej Surý <ondrej at sury.org>

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sybase_* functions missing in php5-sybase for hardy
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