[Bug 39249] Re: (Dapper) can't create /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases: Permission denied

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Tue Jun 17 09:50:14 BST 2008

This bug was fixed in the package dhcp3 - 3.1.1-1ubuntu1

dhcp3 (3.1.1-1ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low

  * Merge from debian unstable. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
    - debian/control, debian/dhcp3-server.init.d: LSB init script.
      (Debian #486508)
    - Deroot server (Debian #308832)
      + debian/patches/droppriv.dpatch, deroot-server.dpatch: Code changes.
      + debian/control: Build-depend on libcap-dev.
      + debian/dhcp3-server.post{inst,rm}: Create/remove dhcpd system user.
      + debian/dhcp3-server.init.d: Create paths with appropriate permissions
        for dhcpd system user access.
    - Send hostname to DHCP server by default (LP #10239, Debian #151820):
      + debian/patches/dynamic-hostname.dpatch: Add support for a new string
        type 'h' which behaves like 't' except that '<hostname>' is changed to
        the current hostname. Change 'host-name' DHCP option type from 't' to 'h'.
      + debian/dhclient.conf: Enable send-hostname by default.
    - debian/rules: Remove client/scripts/debian on clean again.
      (Debian #486514)
    - dhclient-onetry-call-clientscript.dpatch: Call 'dhclient-script FAIL'
      when failing to get an address also when operating in oneshot mode (-1).
      This fixes avahi-autoipd invocation through dhcdbd. (Debian #486520)
    - debian/dhcp3-server.init.d, debian/dhcp3-server.postinst: Do not install
      unnecessary rc.d symlinks for levels 0 and 6, for faster shutdown.
      (Debian #486518)
    - debian/dhclient-script.linux: Do not clobber old search/domain values if
      we didn't get any from the DHCP response. (Debian #486535)
    - debian/patches/dhcpd.conf-subnet-examples.dpatch: Give an example for
      subnet-mask in dhcpd.conf. (LP #26661)
    - dhclient-more-debug.dpatch: Show the requested/offered client IP in log
      output, for better debugging. (LP #35265, Debian #486611)
    - debian/dhclient-script.linux: Wait for /etc/resolv.conf to become writable.
    - revert-next-server.dpatch: Revert the need of the next-server option in
      dhcpd.conf so it points to the own IP again for tftp if the option is not
      set. (Patch by Oliver Grawert; disputed upstream)
    - debian/dhcp3-server.init.d: Allow LTSP to override default configuration
      in /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf. Point that out in a header comment in
      debian/dhcpd.conf. (Ubuntu specific)
    - debian/dhcp3-server.config: Drop debconf question to medium. (Ubuntu
  * Drop obsolete Ubuntu changes:
    - debian/dhclient.conf: Get the interface-mtu parameter again. Previous
      Ubuntu versions ignored it because of broken old DHCP servers which hand
      out the wrong value. (LP#61989) However, this breaks correct and
      deliberately sent non-default values, which is a bigger pain. If this is
      still an issue, a better fix is to discard unplausibly low values only.
    - Drop the client derooting patch. It is very intrusive, never offered true
      protection (susceptible to $PATH injection and other bypasses), and is a
      constant source of bugs. (LP: #39249)
    - Drop the pm-utils hook for stopping/starting dhcp3-server on
      suspend/resume. This was necessary in the acpi-support ages (which tore
      down ethernet interfaces on resume), but pm-utils does not do that any
  * debian/patches/deroot-server.dpatch: Juggle Makefile.dist patch to not
    conflict with ldap patch.
  * dhclient-more-debug.dpatch: Fix printing of address when renewing a lease
    (printed "<null address>" before). (LP: #35265)

dhcp3 (3.1.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * Refit debian/patches/dhclient.c.stale-pids.dpatch
  * Remove debian/patches/fix-agent-options.dpatch (fixed upstream)
  * debian/dhcp3-server.init: add slapd to Should-{Start,Stop} (closes:
  * Apply kfreebsd patch unconditionally (closes: #470989)
  * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: Applied patch from Bart Oldeman
    to really fix support for point-to-point Ethernet (closes: #472962)

dhcp3 (3.1.0-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control: Make priority of dhcp3-server-ldap optional (closes:

dhcp3 (3.1.0-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Created a dhcp3-server-ldap package (Gracias José L. Redrejo Rodríguez)
    (Closes: #215968):
    - debian/control: added needed dependencies for building the new package.
    - created debian/patches/dhcp-3.1.0-ldap-docs.dpatch  and
      debian/patches/dhcp-3.1.0-ldap-code.dpatch files.
    - debian/rules: modified to build both versions of dhcp3-server.
    - Added needed debian/dhcp3-server-ldap.* files.
  * debian/copyright: revamped
  * debian/control: formally becoming the maintainer after 3 years

dhcp3 (3.1.0-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: modified per Thomas Brunko's
    suggestion to handle transitioning from sites that were using the
    domain-name option with multiple domains to jury rig a search path.
  * debian/control: remove Matt Zimmerman from Uploaders at his request
  * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: if there's a domain-name option
    and no domain-search option, put the domain-name option contents into the
    search line of /etc/resolv.conf (closes: #462570)
  * Updated Japanese debconf template translation (closes: #463239)
  * Added a patch to make dhclient ignore ARPHRD_VOID interfaces (closes:
  * Added patch from Frédéric Brière to fix spurious "option space agent does
    not exist, but is configured" messages from dhclient (closes: #460833,
  * debian/dhcp3-client.NEWS: thoroughly discussed the new domain-search
    option and the new treatment of the domain-name option in light of it
  * debian/dhcp3-server.NEWS: advised against putting multiple domains in the
    domain-search option

dhcp3 (3.1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: Applied patch from Yves-Alexis
    Perez to properly remove all instances of \032 in the domain-search option
    not just the first one (closes: #461056)
  * Applied patch from Frans Pop to incorporate the light-weight
    debian-installer dhclient-script into the dhcp3-client-udeb package
    (closes: #461098, #313866)
  * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: added fix suggested by Helmar
    Gerloni for static leases without a default gateway option (closes:

dhcp3 (3.1.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * Removed patch for #152287 to increase IP TTL, as upstream now increase it
    even further
  * Refit patches
  * debian/rules: only call "make distclean" if Makefile exists
  * debian/control: change ${Source-Version} to ${binary:Version}
  * debian/control: bumped Standards-Version to 3.7.3
  * debian/dhcp3-{relay,server}.init.d: applied patches from Petter
    Reinholdtsen to correct LSB headers (closes: #458509)
  * debian/dhcp3-client.postinst: applied patch from Michael Vogt to fix
    upgrading in non-interactive mode (closes: #456891)
  * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: Added domain-search (option 119)
    support (closes: #274308)
  * debian/dhclient.conf: request domain-search as well (closes: #274308)
  * debian/dhclient-script.{linux,kfreebsd}: if the domain-name option is set,
    set "domain" in /etc/resolv.conf, if the domain-search option is set, set
    "search" in /etc/resolv.conf
  * debian/dhclient-script.kfreebsd: Syncronised a bunch of previous changes
    to the Linux-specific version
  * debian/dhcp3-relay.dirs: usr/share/man/man5 was empty, stop making it
  * Updated Basque debconf template translation (closes: #457286)
  * Added Finnish debconf template translation (closes: #447401)
  * Added Slovak debconf template translation (closes: #438574)
  * debian/rules: Applied patch from Neil Williams to add cross build support
    (closes: #451139)

 -- Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at ubuntu.com>   Tue, 17 Jun 2008 09:40:18

** Changed in: dhcp3 (Ubuntu)
       Status: In Progress => Fix Released

(Dapper) can't create /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases: Permission denied
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