[Bug 215904] Re: [SRU] (ITS#5518) Assertion error in io.c:234: ber_flush2

Paul Smith psmith at gnu.org
Mon Jun 9 19:59:52 BST 2008

This is still in -proposed?  I think it's pretty clear what this bug is
and that it's fixed by the update; we've had a number of people testing
it and reporting success already.  Plus, if you look at the actual
patch, it's pretty clear that it fixes the problem.

IMHO this should get promoted out of -proposed and into the standard
repo quickly.  This is a crasher that impacts a wide range of software.
What exactly is the criteria needed to approve the the promote?  Maybe
we need to figure out a way that this bug is really a security issue


[SRU] (ITS#5518) Assertion error in io.c:234: ber_flush2 
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