[Bug 231004] Re: Path to 'mail' incorrect in /etc/nagios2/commands.cfg

Thierry Carrez thierry.carrez at canonical.com
Mon Jun 9 16:42:08 BST 2008

I looked into it and this problem is the result of several problems in
the package building.

debian/rules calls configure with --use-mail=/usr/bin/mail so Nagios should generate default config files with the good pointer.
However there is no mailx | mailutils in the build dependencies so, when configure doublechecks it, it goes back to the default (/bin/mail).
Therefore the default configs are generated with /bin/mail rather than /usr/bin/mail.

It would be sufficient to add mailx | mailutils in the build
dependencies if there weren't a new round of patching done afterwards
with cfg-commands.cfg.diff. This diff-file needs to be changed too to
keep track of the changes.

I'll do a debdiff and check if the problem is still there in nagios3.

Path to 'mail' incorrect in /etc/nagios2/commands.cfg
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