[Bug 120375] Re: cannot boot raid1 with only one disk

ceg c.gatzemeier at tu-bs.de
Sun Jul 27 12:14:49 BST 2008

I think it can be understood that using "mdadm --assemble --scan" instead of doing selective "mdadm --run <device>" calls on all devices ${ROOT} depends on could be a reasonable and quick fix, if the information is not available somwhere allready. Full support here.

My interest lies in getting the algorithm right, so that it will work
out for most if not all possible ways of udev,raid,crypt,lvm, etc.
stacked configs. And we won't hit a whole waterfall of subsequent bugs.

Also configuring selective arrays to be run or not run degraded might be
somthing that can be postponed. The list of md devices that are needed
to fully bring up a server or desktop system consists of the md devices
on which the devices listed in fstab depend on.

When a disk fails in a running system, it doesn't stop by default, and
probably should't. This is the reason for the mdadm notification
functionality. So defaulting to bootdegraded=yes seems reasonable, once
the patches are tested to work with enough configurations, and will be
safe if no other md devices than the ones neccessary to set up the fstab
are touched.

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootDegradedRaid updated

cannot boot raid1 with only one disk
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