[Bug 246558] Re: ssh's init script should generate host keys if they're missing

Björn Torkelsson torkel at acc.umu.se
Thu Jul 10 22:24:45 BST 2008

Well. It complains that it can't find any hostkeys when started (and
when logging in) but it works perfectly well without hostkeys when using
GSSAPI. As we are only allowing GSSAPI on most of our machines there is
really no need for the hostkey as the host authenticity is established
using the GSSAPI keytab.  Actually, getting the question about
authenticity and adding it to know_hosts is bogus as the host is
validated by other means and the only allowed mechanism are gssapi-keyex
are gssapi-with-mic which are not using the hostkeys and thus the login
will fail anyway if you don't have any valid kerberos/gssapi key, but
not until you have accepted the hostkey. If you have a valid key you
don't get the question about host authenticity.

In my opinion ssh should be patched not "requiring" hostkeys (when using
only GSSAPI), instead of automatically generating hostkeys.

Yes I think the keys are generated on installation, but you can always
deleted them if you don't need them or if you don't want to share them,
which is what this bug is about.

sshd_config attached used together with the following ssh-config:

   ForwardX11 yes
   GSSAPIKeyExchange         yes
   GSSAPIAuthentication      yes
   GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes
   PreferredAuthentications  gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic
   Protocol 2
   Cipher blowfish
   SendEnv LANG LC_*
   StrictHostKeyChecking ask
   HashKnownHosts               no

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ssh's init script should generate host keys if they're missing
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