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2006-12+21 khaeru: might this be handled by the ubuntu-server-tasks spec?
21/12/2006 - I think we should pick an existing suite, i.e. hula and then create the ubiquitous middleware to achieve what we want

13/07/2007 (stephan-impilinux) - We have recently evaluated a load of
these solutions and have some professional experience in it.

2008-06-07 (pixelpapst) - Just a quick reminder that the hula project
ist effectively dead since late 2006, and the community created a fork
called "bongo project". However, by now they ripped out all of Hula's
LDAP connectivity, which makes this a very pretty but useless solution
for SmallBusinessServer.

2008-06-08  (Guy Van Sanden) Citadel seems a very good choice.  IT offers many features (including a Jabber server) and is completely GPL'ed.
The only caveat is that it does not have LDAP support (yet)

2008-06-19 (Art Cancro) -- yes, definitely go with Citadel.  Ubuntu
packages are already being maintained, and the project would be
delighted to cooperate with the Ubuntu team on integration issues.

2008-06-19 (Todd Hanna) I would also like to give a big +1 to Citadel.
They already have the .debs and there is even a connector to use it as
an "Exchange" replacement if you have clients using Outlook.  I have run
it without issue on Ubuntu server since version 6.06.  It's head and
shoulders above the rest at the moment..  and it is easy to setup,
update, and maintain.

2008-07-08 (Stuart Cianos) - I'll also give major points to Citadel, and
have been a longtime user of it. It is the only open-source groupware
package that is self maintaining and straightforward to configure.

2008-07-09 (Stephan Buys) - Please also dont forget Kolab (Citadel
implements the Kolab v1 format). Kolab has 3 plugins for Outlook,
support Horde Webmail, Thunderbird/Lightning and Kontact.

2008-07-09 (Guy Van Sanden) RE Kolab - Kolab is not a full groupware
AFAIK, it does not have a web interface.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

  Groupware Server

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