[Bug 74164] Re: Request ntp-servers by default

Paul Smith psmith at gnu.org
Mon Jul 7 18:19:11 BST 2008

Hrm, I just filed a bug about this under the "ntp" package:

Note that the ntp package DOES come with dhclient-exit-hooks.d scripts
to turn on/off NTP servers at appropriate times.  As this bug mentions,
all that's missing are the entries in dhclient.conf... without which
those scripts are useless.

In my bug I suggested that the nis package should update the list of
requested options, but in retrospect that seems difficult to do since
that file is owned by the dhcp3-client package and there's no defined
way to update it via dpkg config scripts as far as I know.

So, maybe the right answer is indeed to change the default dhclient.conf
file to request this by default.

BTW, Daniel, is it really necessary to have a "default" entry here?  Why
not just request this value, and then if the DHCP server doesn't provide
it nothing will happen and the default will be used.  Right?

Request ntp-servers by default
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