[Bug 282287] Re: [intrepid] firefox crashes frequently on Intrepid with SIGABRT

mattcasters matt.casters at kettle.be
Mon Dec 22 21:39:02 GMT 2008

Mark, I kinda guessed by now that you figured out it had nothing to do
with samba since it sounds so silly to start with. Anyway, that same FF
version worked absolutely perfect before the upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10.
As such, I'm not so sure at all that getting into a back and forth
"yes/no" ping-pong game between Mozilla and Ubuntu is going to do anyone
any good.  I'm just confirming the issue in a couple of bugs since after
3 weeks I still have no browser to work with in any reliable fashion.

[intrepid] firefox crashes frequently on Intrepid with SIGABRT
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