[Bug 211631] Re: CIFS/SMBFS shares not unmounted before network is shut down

James james.ellis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 22:16:37 GMT 2008

So I've read through this entire thread and seen a lot of solutions. I have a fully updated intrepid and this line appears at shutdown (take out the splash line in your kernel command in grub to see it) :
CIFS VFS: No response for ......

basically the same as the original report.
CIFS VFS: server not responding
CIFS VFS: no response for cmd 50 mid <this number changes>

With the result being that the system doesn't shutdown for a longggg

I don't want to mess around with init scripts, so I propose two solutions (and note I'm not a programmer):
1. If no network is present when the system is shutting down, try forcing the umount ?
$man umount
-f     Force unmount (in case of an unreachable NFS system).  (Requires kernel 2.1.116 or later.)
2. Bring the mount down before the network is bought down on shutdown (which seems sensible given remote file systems require a network)

BTW, my CIFS mount is created in userspace in Kubuntu on login, if that alters anything.
$ cat .kde/Autostart/mounts.sh
kdesudo -d --comment "Attach media share" -c "mount -t cifs //remote/media /path/to/mount/point -o username=xxx,rw,password=zzz"

CIFS/SMBFS shares not unmounted before network is shut down
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