[Bug 282287] Re: [intrepid] firefox crashes frequently on Intrepid with SIGABRT

nanotube nanotube at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 17:37:27 GMT 2008

My firefox (3.0.4, out of the official repos) on intrepid (fresh install, not upgrade) crashes occasionally, and completely silently. it just /disappears/, without any messages.

I do not use samba, i have no "wins" anywhere in my /etc/nsswitch.conf

maybe that means this is a different bug... but i am not sure.

it doesn't even happen necessarily when i'm browsing. i can walk away
from the comp, come back, and firefox is gone. i have noscript and
adblock installed, so pages don't tend to "do" anything when i'm not
there, so i'd think it shouldn't be crashing when i'm not actively
browsing, at least.

just today, it crashed while i was entering a url into the urlbar, e.g.
no pages were being loaded at the time.

i'd be glad to carry out any diagnostics, just tell me which ones, and
how to do them. :)

since the symptoms are the same, i added this comment to the bug, hope
that's ok.

[intrepid] firefox crashes frequently on Intrepid with SIGABRT
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