[Bug 264943] Re: gvfsd-smb crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()

tomek.bury tomek.bury at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 10:20:36 GMT 2008

Well, this bug causes crash in libsmbclient accessed through nautilus
while bug 284572 does the same through smbclient. The smbclient gives
some extra hints: weird domain/os/server - probably some parsing error,
info level 1 is, I guess, type of package received from landrive:

$ smbclient //nas/PUBLIC -N
Domain=[ȇ] OS=[] Server=[??????]
smb: \> ls
cli_list_new: Error: unable to parse name from info level 1
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

For some more examples see:

Perhaps NAS drive tells fibs (package with wrong info level, ommisions,
aditions, mistakes?

LAN drive models reported so far include Iomega Home Network Harddrive: http://www.iomega-europe.com/section?SID=86c57e53b9aa65a3d50a6a655559f6727dd:4745&secid=76622 and LanDrive: http://www.usbex.com/landrive/

I've made a simple patch that stops libsmblient from crashing (and nothing more than that):

The patch revealed another problem - lots of the files became invisible
when I'm trying to access them via samba, but I still can access them
when I plug the drive directly in using USB cable.


gvfsd-smb crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()
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