[Bug 302026] Re: likewise-open prevents local passwords from being changed

Buddha lord.buddha at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 08:43:06 GMT 2008

I should have said, everything seemed fine with local user access until today.

Today I did updates and installed vmware server, before I found I could
no longer log in using a local account.

Ubuntu 8.10/AMD64.  Likewise Open was installed using the DEB from
likewise rather than the repository version.

Now I don't believe it is vmware that has caused the issue, more
probably the updates I received.

vmware is having its own issues of course due to a keyboard mapping
issue in Ubuntu but this seems to be a known bug with a workaround that
hopefully will work tomorrow when I am back at work.

I have now got access to root by adding my domain users group to the
sudoers file so I can manage.

Everything was good in 8.04.   I just needed to change to 64 bit...

Let me know if you need more info and how to get it...

likewise-open prevents local passwords from being changed
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