[Bug 286828] Re: Access to samba 3.0.24-3.0.25 shares using CIFS is broken on 8.10

mipper evanscliff at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 13:01:28 GMT 2008

So to summarize your summary,

if you don't have any control over the server - which was running fine
with the 8.04 client - you're stuffed!  I don't understand how a bug in
the server is causing something that works under 8.04 to stop working
under 8.10, and I really can't understand why fixing this doesn't seem
to be an urgent issue.  It wasn't the introduction of anything new on
the server side that caused this problem to arise, it was an update to
the client - or am I still missing something?



> Just to summarize again:
> 1) A few versions of Samba server had a bug parsing DFS paths (fixed
> in Samba server 3.0.26). You can see which version of server you have
> mounted to by doing "cat /proc/fs/cifs/Debug
> Data " on the client). When the Linux CIFS client added support for
> DFS last year, those few (relatively old) versions of Samba servers
> (when configured for DFS) exhibited problems with certain path based
> calls (setting the file size was one) which can break some common
> applications.

> 2) Although disabling the cifs unix extensions (mount option "nounix")
> may help in some cases, the best solution is to upgrade the Samba
> server to any of the more recent versions of the server. If that is
> not possible, disabling DFS support (see comment 50) in the server is
> another possibility (on future kernels, 2.6.28 includes this e.g., you
> will be able to specify "nodfs" as a mount option on the client to
> workaround the problems on these two versions of Samba).

Access to samba 3.0.24-3.0.25 shares using CIFS is broken on 8.10
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