[Bug 120375] Re: cannot boot raid1 with only one disk

Ace Suares ace at suares.an
Thu Aug 14 16:28:17 BST 2008

On Thursday 14 August 2008, RpR wrote:
> This is a reason why a lot of system administrators that I know went
> back to debian which doesn't have this behavior. For a LTS version it
> should be fixed.

It's extremely weird that the Debian distro doesn't have this bug (or 
behaviour) and Ubuntu has. But dapper didn't have it; so switching from 
dapper to hardy burns you -without- knowing it. Because your md's have 
been working great for years, and they where up when you upgraded.

Now then, when one of your root disks fails, you feel safe - you get an 
email and go to the datacenter and try to reboot. Bummer. And I dare you 
to be able to bring it up again - it won't be easy unless you brought 
some instructions! 

The community brouhgt forward a possible solution within this thread - 
it's not that hard to fix, is it ?

cannot boot raid1 with only one disk
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