[Bug 205111] Re: likewise-open service does not start automatically

Neil Mclean nwmclean at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 09:11:54 BST 2008

In the top summary there is a workaround described.  This part is not correct:
"It looks like the likewise-open script is not set to start with the system. To fix the problem permanently, running sysv-rc-conf and turning the likewise-open service on for runlevels 2,3,4,5 (for example) seems to work."

Seems no matter which method is used to turn the service on for various
runlevels.  When you "leave" a domain, the start scripts are removed.
Service will not be started at next system startup.

Workaround..  either:
-  remember to check if likewise service is running, and start it if needed, before attempting to join a domain or....
-  create an entry in the ubuntu "sessions" application to start the service at each reboot and forget about run scripts.


likewise-open service does not start automatically
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