[Bug 33649] Re: root raid installs have bad grub config

tricky1 tricky1 at sms.at
Fri Aug 1 18:21:58 BST 2008


> My intention is to fix this multi-faceted bug in an incremental and
> solvable manner.
My suggestions ARE along these lines :D

> That the bug has been around for 2.5 years is a testament to the fact
> that it is difficult to solve. Breaking it down into manageable bits
> is a tried and true software development process.
No, not only me had found workarounds for booting in urgent cases ...
That in Ubuntu it is still present has other roots...
Did anybody object to your tried and true development process?
You as a bright expert might deny like some of your very bright collegues 
that sometimes non experts can give hints for better ui design.

>> a) I am not fluent enough in bashing, so I can give only some hints easily
>> realiziable for willing experts: 

> I understand. My asking for a patch is a polite way of saying that
> while you or others might be willing/interested in implementing the
> functionality, I do not think it to be a productive use of my time.

Well, after having spent some time to find out how the patch you requested
could be realized, II won't publicly tell you what I think of your so called politeness.

> However, I'm not entirely closed off to the idea (should someone else
> do a good job with it), and I'll gladly review the code and offer
> constructive criticism.

After all, I won't give any further comments on your attitude.

PS: And your explanation has shown that I was not too wrong when assuming
a few messages above that users will have to fiddle around with grub... :(

This was my very last comment on the subject. Byebye ...


root raid installs have bad grub config
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