Firefox Rapid Release Migration in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Ubuntu 10.10

Micah Gersten micah at
Mon Jan 9 16:48:25 UTC 2012

The upstream Mozilla Firefox web browser has moved to a rapid release
cycle. New Firefox versions are being released every six weeks and
contain new features and security enhancements. Until now, Ubuntu 10.04
LTS and Ubuntu 10.10 have been getting 3.6 point releases of Firefox. As
such, users have not been benefiting from new features, support for new
web technologies, security enhancements, and performance improvements.
Firefox 3.6 will be reaching its end of life soon, so we need to migrate
users to rapid release so that they will continue to receive security
updates in a timely fashion.

* What is changing? *

Starting on January 17, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Ubuntu 10.10 users will be
migrated to the latest Firefox version, and will track the rapid
releases going forward, as is currently done in newer releases of
Ubuntu. This will enable users to get the numerous improvements offered
by new Firefox versions.

* What is the impact of this migration? *

Add-ons that were previously in the Ubuntu archive, such as flashblock
or webdeveloper, will be automatically migrated to reside in your user
profile so that they may be updated through the regular update process
using This is necessary to ensure that you
automatically get a working version of these addons, if one is
available, when a new version of Firefox is released.

As Firefox will be updated to a new version every 6 weeks, the browsing
experience might change slightly with each update.

* What do I need to do? *

These updates will be pushed automatically through the regular update
process once testing has been completed. No action is required on your

Users who access specialized web sites, such as intranets or corporate
portals, need to make sure they are compatible with the latest Firefox
releases before the migration occurs.

* Can I help with testing? *

If you would like to assist with testing, you can enable the proposed
repository on non-production Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or Ubuntu 10.10 systems [1].

* For more information *

Please see the following wiki page for information on the migration: [2]

You may also track progress of the update in the tracking bug: [3]

[1] -

[2] -

[3] -

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