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Duane Hinnen duanedesign at
Tue Nov 23 07:00:30 GMT 2010

Hello all,

At UDS the idea was brought up to create some screencasts showing people the
different ins and outs of packaging.
I of course think this is a great idea. I think packaging is a topic that is
well suited for screencasts. I have come across
a lot of people who struggle with packaging for one reason or another. Or
want to learn to package but never tried to learn
because it is perceived as being difficult. I think screencasts could help a
lot of people who want to learn this topic.
I personally was able to overcome a hurdle in learning packaging by watching
a video that Daniel Holbach did.
Does anyone have any suggestions for what specifically would be useful to
Also I am keen to start getting together volunteers. So if this sounds like
something you would be interested in let me know.

Thank you,

Duane Hinnen
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