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heathenx heathenx at
Fri Jul 25 19:00:48 BST 2008

I like the concept of the intro. It's looks pretty good. Did you use Blender? :)


Alan Pope wrote the following on 7/25/2008 1:08 PM:
> What do you think of this as a title sequence for screencasts. The text is 
> of course adjustable. It's 3.3MB and 1280x720 as an h264 avi. Other formats 
> can be made available if required.
> It has no sound yet, am on the look out for something appropriate. 
> Suggestions welcome. Bear in mind my musical taste is:-
> "Death metal sucks"
> "I like the title music on the Ubuntu UK Podcast - 
> Comments welcome.
> Cheers,
> Al.

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