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Currently I am the only person who is able to update the screencasts
website. This means that I am the only one who can upload translations
to the site and update the statuses on each of the pages on the site.

(note that even if you have a drupal account on the site you will not be
able to upload files (ssh/scp is required for this - which is not given
out lightly now we are hosted on a canonical server for obvious
reasons), so to avoid confusion I have removed the login/registration
box from the front page)

I am also (as mentioned in the last meeting) going to have only fairly
low speed access to the internet for the next week. Email should be okay
but I won't be uploading any new screencasts for a week. 

As people are very eager to translate the screencasts and want to submit
their changes I thought it best to move the non-editable parts of the
site to the wiki. That way people can get on with translating and
submitting the translations to the wiki.

I created this page:-

Which I have linked to from:-

The idea is that people can translate and attach the .srt files directly
to the TranslationStatus page on the wiki. The screencast team
(actually, I) can then take those attachments and put them on the site
and upload to google video.

As I will have low speed access for a week that gives the translators a
chance to catch up with the screencasts already created as no new ones
will appear for a week starting now :)

Hopefully when I get back from holiday in a week, the translation table
will be full of "X" :) 

I have cc:ed this to all those people who have mailed me about
translation. I hope you all don't mind. Please pass this message on via
whatever means you use to discuss translation. If you would like to
discuss it, I strongly recommend subscribing to our mailing list if you
have not already.

I realise this whole process is not ideal, not the best solution, but
until we have a robust system (perhaps in launchpad) then this is
probably the best in the short term.

I have not published any guidelines for translation but things you might
want to think about:-

* Versioning (Keeping track of modifications)
* Attribution (person who made the subtitle file)
* Contact (put a comment/link in the subtitle file back to the team who
made it?

I think it's a good idea that the person/team who does the translation
is credited in the video. Given the first words are "I am Alan Pope.." I
don't think it's unreasonable for people who make translation effort to
be credited fully (if they want to) :)

Many thanks to everyone helping to make these screencasts accessible.

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