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Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Mon Oct 22 10:55:49 BST 2007

Hi Fred,

On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 07:57 +0200, Fred Saunier wrote:

> Sure, you're absolutely right, there are many ways virtualization can
> be achieved. Yet I believe here at Screencasts we should concentrate
> on keeping things simple for our viewers :

I agree. One product per screencast? I'd say the higher "priority" ones
would be:-

* VirtualBox (it's Free, so I'd recommend this over vmware)
* WINE (it gives people quick access to windows programs)
* VMWare (I personally don't like it but it works for a lot of people)

>  I don't think they want to see a video giving an exhautive course on
> virtualization, I think they want to see a video helping them on how
> to achieve virtualization on their system, period.

I agree. One slide at the start about the difference (at a high level)
between full-system emulation and WINE would help.

>  It's of course our duty to discuss the matter and select what we
> believe is the best way (according to a variety of criteria) to obtain
> OS virtualzation. In other words, are we making screencasts for
> beginners-to-advanced or for advanced-to-expert users? 

Beginners I think. Picture yourself as having just installed Ubuntu, but
nobody explained how you get your favourite Windows application working,
what do you do? That's the level I'd pitch at.

> I do find your idea of making different screencasts (API emulation,
> Full system, etc.) really excellent, provided that we have a common
> introduction for each one : quickly explaining that virtualization can
> be obtained in different ways, such as 'so and so', and that in this
> screencast we are going to cover such and such. 

Yeah. I don't think too much detail is required really. Once people see
a demo it makes sense usually. 

Ok, next question then.. What programs would we demo under these
environments? Needs to be something that we can get for free or cheap. I
don't want to buy windows software just to show installing it under a
VM :)

I'm sure I could find some old Windows an DOS games to demo, but it
might be nice if there was a real example of a program (free preferably)
which works under Windows, but there is no alternative for Linux.

I guess Internet Explorer is one example - if your bank _required_ it
perhaps. We could show IE under WINE, and IE under VirtualBox.

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