Can record screencasts on Windows?

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On 10/21/07, Matthew Rossi <matthew.penguincentral at> wrote:
> Hi Tabrez
> On 10/21/07, Tabrez Iqbal <tabrez.iqbal at> wrote:
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> > I have been meaning to ask these two questions for some time :
> >
> > 1. Will it be okay if someone wants to make a screencast on a windows
> > machine using Free or propriety software just temporarily(say, for some
> > reason they don't have access to their GNU/Linux system)? I do understand
> > the philosophy behind using only Free software to popularise a Free
> > operating system, I am only talking about exceptional cases.
> No, because we make screencasts only about Ubuntu.

Not _about_ Windows, but recorded _on_ Windows using applications made for
Windows. The screencast itself will of course be about Ubuntu(running in
VirtualBox for instance). Thanks for the other clarification, I think I will
give it a go with my voice and if it comes out horribly badly, we can think
of something to do about it.

Regarding subtitles, I have checked again and most of the posts indeed
contain a link to the subtitle file. Sorry about that. I had checked the
first 6 posts and the 6th one(Installing Applications) even has the
subtitles but no link, so got misled.

Tabrez Iqbal
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