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Matthew Rossi matthew.penguincentral at
Fri Oct 12 14:27:03 BST 2007

Hi.  I would like to apologise for the very harsh rant that I wrote to the
list a couple of days ago.  I am aware that it has annoyed some people on
this list (I don't wish to name names), and I hope that I have not offended
anyone in any way.  Quite to contrary belief, I am still confused on how you
have organised this team, but I am trying to get my head around it.

Essentially what I was trying to say was that there is a lack of subtitles
for the screencasts, and the way that it is being done at the moment isn't
very helpful.  It is quite tough for us, with a 6 month release cycle we
need to try and keep up with the pace that Ubuntu development is going to
make screencasts to teach the user how to work their way through Ubuntu.
Subtitling/Dictation regardless is a difficult exercise, and I can
understand why there is a lack of subtitles.  I do stand by my belief that
we should make these screencasts in other languages so that when the day
comes that screencasts are integrated into Ubuntu we can reach to as many
people as we can, but I understand that the number of subtitles and
screencasts will fluctuate depending on active involvement, so I call upon
every one of you to contribute in some way (learning how to make subtitles
is really handy, translation being another).  You have to admit that most of
the English screencasts are being churned out by Alan himself.  Alan is a
very hard worker, spending many days slaving over one of his computers to
run the project and his effort should be applauded.

6 more days until Gutsy Gibbon comes out as a stable edition... I can't wait
Matthew Rossi

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