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On 10/12/07, Alan Pope <alan at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a quick update about something that has been in the back of my mind
> for a while.
> You may have noticed that the screencasts site has no logon or
> registration page (well, it does if you know the URL ;) ). This means
> that people who leave comments are always "Anonymous".
> I have left the logon screen off because I didn't want people to have to
> register and logon with yet another username and password. In the long
> term I hoped that we could use people launchpad ID for authentication so
> people could use an account they already have.

That's a good idea...

Unfortunately this feature (external site authentication) isn't complete
> yet, but is scheduled to be developed in launchpad later in the year.
> There is a bug in launchpad that you can follow if you're interested:-
> Launchpad bug 1169 in launchpad "Launchpad should support
> OpenID" [Medium,In progress]
> As I understand it some internal sites such as the wiki will be tightly
> integrated so people can logon directly with their launchpad username
> and password. "External" sites would use the OpenID interface.
> Technically we are an "external" site, however we are hosted on a
> Canonical server which is under their system admins control. This works
> in our favour because we _may_ be able to swing ourselves as an
> "internal" site.
> If this is indeed the case then (once this development is done) we could
> apply for the change to be implemented on our site, and people would
> then be able to interact with the site a bit better. Theret are features
> that we could turn on in the site which engage users a little more than
> we currently do.
> Hope that's interesting for you.
> Cheers,
> Al.
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Maybe we should have allow users to log in with OpenID?

I mean, for many of us we already have access to openID in one form, for
example my two blogs (, which includes my podcast
( allow me to use openID, but i need to use the
actual url, not the domains that I use for those

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