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Matthew Rossi matthew.penguincentral at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 12:17:39 BST 2007

Well, we do have Shuttleworth's support which is good, but i question how
long we will wait for him to tell us specifically how he plans to support
us.  But no doubt about it, Shuttleworth's backing is more valuable than a
podcaster's backing :)

Really, in my opinion I don't see this project becoming immensely huge at
any time soon.  It is a very complicated process to create a screencast
which sometimes even I have trouble with.  And translation, regardless of
whether it's an audio dub or subtitling has had many issues (as Frédéric
(MrEgg964) has noted recently).  Also the turnover of the English
screencasts is much faster than the turnover of non-english screencasts, but
this is a problem that the people at Full Circle Magazine have been

For the translation stuff to work, we need to work out what are the most
important languages that we want the screencasts in, and how often do we
release non-english stuff.  I find the current process a joke, rather a

I think that the screencasts need to be tied into Ubuntu somehow for this
project to grow (Possibly an app that you can stream the videos in, I hope
that Alan writes a good proposal for such at the UDS in Boston).  This boils
down to why we make screencasts in the first place, to teach people how to
use a program visually, because we all can't sit down and read a lengthy
Documentation, and having the screencasts tied into Ubuntu in such a way
should boost the popularity of the Screencasts (an idea for Mark?).

For a consolation to Alan, I must admit the popularity of the MoS feed in
Miro did help us quite a bit which is why I am part of this team in the
first place.  (Alan, it was a very mad plan indeed ;) )

I am indeed hopeful that the Screencasts project grows from what it is
today.  We provide a great service to the community, and don't ever forget
that when you are giving up your time to contribute to the project,
regardless whether you are recording, or translating :)
Matthew Rossi

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On 10/10/07, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:Hi,
> On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 10:05 +0100, Alan Pope wrote:
> > I figured now might be a good time to get our team approved [1]. You can
> > find out what getting approved means from this page [2]. It's more
> > tailored for LoCo teams, but other non-locos do go for approval also.
> >
> Well the meeting was interesting. We didn't get approved. Partly I think
> because the team is small (as in, I'm the one making most of the
> screencasts) and partly because there didn't seem to be a perceived
> benefit to being official.
> Approval seems to be primarily designed for LoCo teams and not "other"
> teams, so It's not a disaster that we aren't official, and indeed has
> raised the issue with the CC, so perhaps there will be an official
> policy at some point for non Locos.
> Mark did ask the Ubuntu & Canonical marketing people if they could help
> us. I'm not sure how, suggestions welcome!
> Mark also said the work we're doing is "awesome" which was nice to see.
> So all in all I'm not too fussed that we didn't get approval. :)
> Cheers,
> Al.
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