Вышла новая версия игры X-Moto 0.2.0 для Ubuntu 6.06

Иванов Сергей rus_patriot на inbox.ru
Чт Авг 10 21:43:54 BST 2006

Скачать пакеты с игрой можно от сюда http://www.ertt.fatal.ru

Прямая ссылка 
Прямая ссылка 

X-Moto 0.2.0 (alpha)

 * Yet a new version numbering policy: Last number incremented for
   bug-fix releases, middle one is even for official releases and
   uneven for development (CVS) versions.
 * No longer fancy ghost graphics in -ugly mode.
 * Ghost now visible on minimap.
 * New optional "rversion" <level> attribute, which allows level
   designers to specify the X-Moto version required to play a level.
 * Bug with in-game ghost information display fixed.
 * Player statistics.
 * New textures, sprites, and edge effects (RedBricks, GrayBricks,
   and BlueBricks).
 * You can now keep the up and down arrows of lists pressed to list
   the levels.
 * Various new script functions (see MotoGameL.cpp for details).
 * Added dependency for libbz2 (for web transfer compression).
 * Menu music and new sound effects by Jens Erler.
 * More graphics.
 * Better collision detection. Bike behaviour is affected slightly.
 * Custom themes (replacable graphics).
 * Press character keys to quickly navigate through level lists.
 * Several minor improvements and some bugs fixed.
 * Joystick patch by Christoph Sommer applied.

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