call for help - Ubuntu Unity RTL issue

Uri Shabtay ushabtay at
Sat Feb 18 22:35:15 UTC 2012

Hello RTLers,

My name is Uri Shabtay - Ubuntu Hebrew translator.

We're launching this call for help in order to get things rolling in terms
of RTLing Unity-3d (Unity-2d is on the right track in 12.04 as of today).

The status can be seen in Bug #871764
<>and Bug

Unity-2d rocks with RTL, thanks to Haggai Eran -
Unity-3d, on the other hand, doesn't. Yet -

we're about to change all that.

After this e-mail will be send, i'll also contact OMG! Ubuntu! and Webupd8
editors to notify the wider community of Ubuntu users. hopefully it will
help even more.

thanks everyone


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