eLiberatica and Ubuntu-ro

Kurt von Finck kurt la ubuntu.com
Joi Mar 29 07:58:51 BST 2007


My name is Kurt and I work for Canonical in Montreal.

I have accepted an invitation to speak at the eLiberatica conference in
Brasov in May.


The conference is May 18-19, a Friday and Saturday. Following
eLiberatica my girlfriend and I plan to spend some time traveling in
Romania, departing Bucuresti Sunday May 27.

It would be great if we could organize a meeting of Romanian Ubuntu
users. Maybe following eLiberatica on Sunday May 20 in Brasov? Otherwise
we'll have to meet during the week, or I can meet up with people in
Brasov, Sibiu, and (maybe) Cluj as we travel.

But it would be fun to all meet in one place for a day. Maybe have an
install fest we can advertise during eLiberatica ("Come back Sunday to
have actual Ubuntu users help you get Linux on your computer!"). Maybe a
conference call with Jono Bacon where you guys can get ideas about how
to do more with the community? Help me brainstorm.

We have ~45 days to agree and organize. Ideas? This is YOUR country and

La revedere,


Kurt von Finck
Senior Ubuntu System Support Analyst
Canonical, Ltd.
public key at: keyserver.ubuntu.com
key id: 5229D26A
fingerprint: 127A A484 ADBF A5AD E7FB 8CD2 8913 18F4 5229 D26A

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