Fwd: Romanian speech synthesis

Dan Damian dand la ubuntu.ro
Lun Feb 5 10:03:21 GMT 2007

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From: Jonathan Duddington <jonsd la jsd.clara.co.uk>
Date: Jan 28, 2007 12:15 PM
Subject: Romanian speech synthesis
To: dand la ubuntu.ro

I am the author of eSpeak, an open-source text-to-speech synthesizer.

eSpeak version 1.19 now includes a Romanian voice.  It is available at
http://espeak.sourceforge.net/ and also in the Ubuntu Feisty repository.

I do not speak Romanian, so I depend on feedback from native speakers
to say whether the Romanian voice is useful, and to suggest
improvements, or point out errors.

eSpeak is small, and I hope it can be used on the standard Ubuntu CD to
provide text-to-speech in many different languages. See
It is useful for blind users (for example with the Orca screen reader),
or for anyone for proof-reading or just listening to text passages.

If you pass this message on to other Romanian users, somebody may find
it interesting or useful, or may be able to give some useful feedback.

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