[Merge] ~enr0n/ubuntu/+source/systemd:ubuntu-focal into ~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/+source/systemd:ubuntu-focal

Nick Rosbrook mp+455719 at code.launchpad.net
Tue Nov 21 14:47:14 UTC 2023

> Thank you for providing autopkgtest results and PPA test builds! Those are
> mostly upstream cherry-picks, the patch for Bug #1837227 is a backport that
> seems to match upstream's new logic AFAICT.
> Some non-blocking remarks:
> - Bug #2029352
> This seems to be lacking the SRU template. Also, we should put a clear comment
> in the bug report as to why this is ONLY needed on Focal. It seems to be fixed
> upstream as of v251, so we should put an argument why we don't need it for
> Jammy.

Thanks, added SRU template. I will comment on the bug too, but FYI the reason we don't need this is because this test case is already skipped in Jammy on armhf due to https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/+source/systemd/tree/debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-src-test-test-execute.c-Skip-parts-of-test-execute-in-con.patch?h=ubuntu-jammy.

> - lp2029352-test-ignore-LXC-filesystem-when-checking-for-writable-loc.patch
> See inline comment about double escaping. Might be worth double-checking, just
> to be safe.

Since this unit is only used in the unit test suite, and it passed autopkgtest, I think it's OK.

Thanks for reviewing!
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