[Bug 2046386] [NEW] Ubuntu Studio images aren't being built with a live user

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Thu Dec 14 00:59:32 UTC 2023

You have been subscribed to a public bug by Erich Eickmeyer (eeickmeyer):

This is a tracking bug to figure out the issue with Ubuntu Studio noble
images not being built with a live user.

This appeared after we started the transition to using ubuntustudio-
system-installer (a fork of ubuntu-flavor-installer, itself a layer on
top of ubuntu-desktop-installer). With Steve Langasek's guidance, we
merged the code to livecd-rootfs to get .iso images building with
ubuntustudio-system-installer, but the system boots to a blank black
screen with a mouse cursor themed with the Breeze cursor theme from KDE
Plasma Desktop, meaning something is attempting to be loaded here.

However, switching to a VM results in a login prompt, but attempts to
login as "ubuntu-studio" as in the past proved in vain. Upon
investigating the squashfs image, no user directories populate the /home
directory, suggesting casper never creates the ubuntu-studio user.

I noticed that all previous flavors (Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Budgie)
using ubuntu-desktop-installer have something similar to the following

> add_package standard.live linux-$KERNEL_FLAVOURS casper

While, in theory, this would mean simply adding casper to the live seed
would fix it, in practice, adding casper to the live seed for Ubuntu
Studio does not.

Therefore, this is either a bug in livecd-rootfs or casper itself. Right
now, I have a MP open in livecd-rootfs as I suspect, based on the other
flavors' stanzas, that this one line change should fix it, but it could
also be that casper itself is not doing its job.

** Affects: casper (Ubuntu)
     Importance: High
         Status: New

** Affects: livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu)
     Importance: High
         Status: New

Ubuntu Studio images aren't being built with a live user
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