[Question #708661]: switch of riscv64 builders to bos03 has broken building of many KDE source packages

Rik Mills question708661 at answers.launchpad.net
Fri Dec 8 12:25:37 UTC 2023

Question #708661 on Launchpad itself changed:

Rik Mills gave more information on the question:
Also seems to be a similar segfault issue with source ksyntax-


The above segafault regression in the katehighlightingindexer binary
occurs in that mantic no change test rebuild, AND in a noble test build

This is not caused by the previous segfaulting kconfig_compiler_kf5, as
this is not used in the build at all. It is not even installed.

However, it does appear to be of a similar nature to the kconfig issue,
and related to the builder switch.

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