[Merge] ~dbungert/livecd-rootfs:cloud-init-and-u-d-i into livecd-rootfs:ubuntu/master

Chad Smith mp+427445 at code.launchpad.net
Fri Jul 29 18:50:23 UTC 2022

@dbungert. upstream cloud-init commit has landed in tip, we plan on releasing to kinetic later today when jenkins completes smoke test run on multiple clouds.


Corner case bike-shed question:

Additionally, since livecd-rootfs is now supplementing another config file that manipulates what cloud-init thinks it should do on desktop images, do you think it's worth adding a breadcrumb in /etc/cloud/clean.d to notify/warn folks about this config setting in case they are creating an image clone (running sudo cloud-init clean) and happened to have changed the default network configuration and expect cloud-init to auto-detect a different network backend (networkd or netplan)?

+ # Allow cloud-init clean to warn about network-manager config during image clone
+ mkdir -p chroot/etc/cloud/clean.d
+ cat <<EOF > chroot/etc/cloud/clean.d/99-ubuntu-desktop-installer
+# Warn during clone image creation about strict network activator/renderer network-manager
+if [ -f "${CLOUD_INIT_NETCFG_FILE}" ]; then
+ echo "WARNING: cloud-init network detection limited to network-manager"
+ echo "To allow cloud-init to render to other network backends: rm ${CLOUD_INIT_NETCFG_FILE}"

I'm imagining we generally speaking don't want to remove this network/activators config because we expect 99% of people cloning desktop images to remain firmly in the desktop image network-manager backend to manage everything.

Your team Ubuntu Core Development Team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~dbungert/livecd-rootfs:cloud-init-and-u-d-i into livecd-rootfs:ubuntu/master.

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