[Merge] ~jchittum/livecd-rootfs:focal-enable-buildd-arm64 into livecd-rootfs:ubuntu/focal

John Chittum mp+427053 at code.launchpad.net
Mon Jul 18 19:19:16 UTC 2022

John Chittum has proposed merging ~jchittum/livecd-rootfs:focal-enable-buildd-arm64 into livecd-rootfs:ubuntu/focal.

Commit message:
enable bootable buildd arm64 support

Requested reviews:
  Ubuntu Core Development Team (ubuntu-core-dev)

For more details, see:

SRU MP for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/livecd-rootfs/+bug/1966636

only affects ubuntu-buildd images

possible regression only if code is incorrect in the case statement. Otherwise, this cannot affect the current AMD64 builds.

possible issue is if arm64 build for focal fails. 

tested locally using ubuntu-bartender. successfully built an arm64 buildd for focal. used this branch for livecd-rootfs. example bartender command

bartender --hook-extras-branch focal --livecd-rootfs-dir /home/jchittum/dev01/livecd-rootfs --aws-arm-build --aws-keypair-name $AWS_KEYPAIR_NAME --no-cleanup --aws-profile jenkins -- --series focal --project ubuntu-base --image-target all --subproject buildd

also tested building an AMD64 build. Also successful.
Your team Ubuntu Core Development Team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~jchittum/livecd-rootfs:focal-enable-buildd-arm64 into livecd-rootfs:ubuntu/focal.
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