[Merge] ~fnordahl/ubuntu/+source/ovn:main into ~ubuntu-server-dev/ubuntu/+source/ovn:main

Frode Nordahl mp+428317 at code.launchpad.net
Mon Aug 15 15:56:14 UTC 2022

Frode Nordahl has proposed merging ~fnordahl/ubuntu/+source/ovn:main into ~ubuntu-server-dev/ubuntu/+source/ovn:main.

Commit message:
As per feedback from vorlon in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ovn/+bug/1971178/comments/1 I'm refixing the ovn-detrace binary in the package.

james-page is out until next week so would really appreciate it if you have a moment to review.

Requested reviews:
  Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer): merge
Related bugs:
  Bug #1971178 in ovn (Ubuntu): "[jammy] Missing ovn-detrace binary"

For more details, see:
Your team Ubuntu Server Developers is subscribed to branch ~ubuntu-server-dev/ubuntu/+source/ovn:main.
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